Kobe Rubyist Meetup 1st

Sat, 17 Aug 2013 18:30 - 21:00 JST

Kobe Cahootz

Dai 2 Matsuno Bldg. 2-1-17 Tamondori, Chuoku, Kobe city


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¥2,500 at the door
Food & drink fees included.


What's this?

Kobe Rubyist Meetup is a community for Rubyists around Kobe. We are expecting Kobe x Rubyist x Rubyist ... could make significant power!

You can listen to the presentations of other members and enjoy chatting with others with food and drink.

Let's enjoy over Ruby talk!

Motivations to attend

Ruby beginners are welcome. Please participate if you have any interests.

Why not give presentation?

The event venue has projector, so you can give presentation about the latest technical information or your recent activities. Please feel free let us know if you have any interests.

What to bring

  • Name card (We can provide, but please bring it if you have)
  • Business card (Not necessary but members sometimes exchange business cards)

Want to know future events?

  • We are expecting to hold this event every several month. We will keep you updated if you register your email address for our community in Doorkeeper.


  • You might see more detailed information in Japanese page. Please switch language if you can read Japanese ; )

About this community

Kobe Rubyist Meetup

Kobe Rubyist Meetup

Kobe Rubyist Meetupは 「Rubyist × Rubyist = すごいパワー」という発想を基に 「Kobe × Rubyist × Rubyist ... = もっとすごいパワー」になるのでは !?と思い、Rubyist同士の交流を目的として生まれました。 飲食しながら他のRubyistの活動内容や技術情報の発表を聞いたり、ワイワイガヤガヤと雑談したりする場です (D...

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